Jackson Vaughn Public Strategies, LLC - Lobbyist

About Jackson Vaughn Public Strategies, LLC

Jackson Vaughn Public Strategies (JVPS) loves a good challenge in the complex intersection between business and government. Our mission is to provide strategic government relations consulting services to our clients. We manage and oversee federal, state and local government policy advocacy efforts to defend or promote our clients’ business interests. We provide a proven track record with more than 25 years of experience with elected officials, regulators and industry leaders. We have built and maintained strategic relationships with policymakers throughout the U.S. and formed alliances with numerous professional trade organizations and advocacy groups. We provide extensive knowledge and experience by building trust in our professional relationships and integrity in representing our clients.

We serve companies that have complex legislative and regulatory oversight by federal, state and local governments. Some of our clients operate nationally and in regional areas with cross jurisdictional governing obligations to comply with various laws. We manage and balance the work in a fast pace environment. We work with national and state regulatory agencies.

We deliver first-in-class government relations strategic advice to our clients. We foster solid relationships, defend our clients on various matters and seek opportunities for business growth. We believe in a solid strategic plan and full execution of tactical actions that deliver results.