Always be prepared. Federal, state and local governing bodies need to know who you are and what services or products you provide. A well rounded plan and properly executed tactics are what we do.
Tell your story and repeat often. Lawmakers, staff, regulators, third parties, media, opposition groups, competitors and customers are part of any advocacy campaign and we excel at putting this all together for you.
Know your audience and tailor your message. This is critical to reach public affairs success. We can handle communications and target messaging to navigate times of crises and political issues.
Our Mission
To provide strategic government relations consulting services to our clients.

Strategy, Advocacy, Communication…


Managing a successful nationwide public policy program requires adaptability and strategic planning. It doesn’t simply begin with a bill introduction or end when a bill passes or fails. It’s a continual process of engagement and refinement.

Recently, JVPS provided a client with an after-action assessment following a legislative battle. That analysis will be used by JVPS and our client to help counter what is now being pushed as “model legislation” that would threaten the client’s business across the country. In our analysis, we assessed the grassroots efforts, messaging and our legislative engagement strategy.



With offices in five strategic US locations, our mission is to provide strategic government relations consulting services to our clients.

We manage and oversee federal, state and local government policy advocacy efforts to defend or promote our clients’ business interests.

We provide a proven track record with more than 25 years of experience with elected officials, regulators and industry leaders.

• Government Affairs
• Communications
• Lobbying
• Legislative & Regulatory
• Legislation and Bill Monitoring
• Political Action Committee Management
• Grassroots
• Grass Tops

Client Successes

A client was faced with the prospect of losing millions of dollars in business due to an expiring state law. We successfully engaged policymakers and made the law permanent, ensuring the client’s ability to maintain a significant revenue stream.

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We developed a successful nationwide legislative and regulatory strategy to ease overly restrictive multi-state limits on business for a large financial services provider.

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We assisted a financial technology company in building relationships with federal and state policy makers, helping create a positive policy environment for business success.

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Company Headquarters

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2261 Brookhollow Plaza Dr., Suite 211
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