Measuring Success

Managing a successful nationwide public policy program requires adaptability and strategic planning. It doesn’t simply begin with a bill introduction or end when a bill passes or fails. It’s a continual process of engagement and refinement.

At Jackson Vaughn Public Strategies (JVPS) our experienced, regionally-based experts team up to help clients plan and execute multistate public policy strategies to achieve their business objectives. Our approach allows us to draw on the experience in one state, apply those lessons on a multistate basis, and adapt to the particular circumstances of each state.

Recently, JVPS provided a client with an after-action assessment following a legislative battle. That analysis will be used by JVPS and our client to help counter what is now being pushed as “model legislation” that would threaten the client’s business across the country. In our analysis, we assessed the grassroots efforts, messaging and our legislative engagement strategy.

Our analysis was based on feedback from our local representation, industry peers, legislators, and key legislative staff both during and after the legislative process. To the degree possible, we isolated state-specific factors to make the assessment universally applicable.

In analyzing the grassroots efforts used during the legislative process, we provided the client with feedback on the effectiveness of each constituent communication tool used. These tools varied from traditional communication tools, such as to phone calls and letters, to digital advertising that was geo-targeted. The analysis confirmed some old assumptions and brought to light at least one benefit from an integrated grassroots strategy.

The analysis was also an opportunity to reassess some of the key arguments that we had been making on the client’s behalf. We encouraged the client to drop some of their arguments because they were not effective. We also recommended several ways to improve key messages and offered ways to improve the delivery method. Finally, we suggested a couple of ways to highlight the deficiencies of the arguments the client’s opponents used.

The analysis was helpful for JVPS because we were able to lay out a basic sequencing of the arguments that need to be made to legislators and staff. We highlighted which of the opponent’s arguments had the most negative impact on our engagement efforts. The analysis allowed JVPS to recommend guidance for pre-legislation messaging and engagement strategy.

Analysis of our client and their opponents is a key tool to ensure that JVPS is offering our clients the best advice and guidance possible. As a firm with a national footprint, we have the ability to offer detailed analysis that can be adjusted with each new state legislative engagement in a way that a local state-specific lobbyist cannot provide.

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