Services we provide at Jackson Vaughn Public Strategies, LLC

Jackson Vaughn Public Strategies, LLC - Our Services

At Jackson Vaughn Public Strategies we have a multitude of services that we can provide our clients:

  • Design government affairs strategies related to lobbying, communications, grassroots, research and legislative monitoring.
  • Implement strategies to protect current business models or expand markets and business development.
  • Provide due diligence and evaluate competencies of lobbyists, communications firms, third party support groups, researchers and legal consultants to manage, direct and develop advocacy strategies.
  • Develop relationships with federal, state and local elected officials and government agencies to protect and defend our clients’ interests.
  • Lobby Congress, federal government agencies and trade groups focused on federal policy issues and regulations.
  • Lobby state legislatures, state executives, state agencies and government entities including State Attorneys General.
  • Develop communications strategies to properly position issues based on political and legislative climates, including crisis communications.
  • Develop grassroots and grass tops advocacy strategies.
  • Develop research or data driven strategies to support client’s positions.
  • Monitor legislative and regulatory activities and provide the ability to identify and review regulations, legislation, policy statements, and regulatory action reports.
  • Provide legislative and political updates.
  • Prepare lobby and ethics reports.
  • Administer Political Action Committees (PAC) and file Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports.